Technical information series 300


Solvent based printing inks Designed for flexographic and rotogravure  surface printing.


Ink intended for flexographic and rotogravur printing.Its main application  is for Internal, front print on following substrate.

  • Thermal foil



Very high color intensity high coverage the power ink

Use high speeds ability

Very good print ability

Very high gloss

High ability to add solvent to ink

High ink rheology

   High thermal resistance (180)

Viscosity of printing:

Viscosity:  20-30 seconds (DINCUP4) at temperature 20 degree

Preparation for printing:

  • Iso propyl alcohol 80% Ethyl acetate 20%
  • Fast: Ethyl acetate
  • Slow: Methoxy propanol, Ethyl glycol (use 5% max)


Adding only thinner or excessive use of solvent to cut down streng  may alter the Characteristics of the product. Recommend the use of extender varnish for cut down the strength.

Storage conditions:

Store the ink in the original packing at a temperature not below  and not in direct contact with sunlight.

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