Pasargad Iranians Co. with the motto of serving the printing industry to manufacture various specialty printing ink and printing ink eventually boost the quality of art prints Iran, our beloved has been established.New tools have recently been launched across the country to provide colleagues in the printing industry.It is notable for its high quality products, the company issued a rating to neighboring countries , including the Persian Gulf and East Bloc would win . Pasargad Iranians company’s quality control unit utilizes the latest equipment and technology in Italy and standard test methods for quality control of its products in the industry of printing and ink to prove the rotated . Research and development company utilizes the most qualified technicians equipped R & D laboratory and precision measuring devices and features a very extensive research.

the important thing is to provide after-sales service and after sales services for consumer companies with strong backing Pasargad Iranians is composed of a composite of proven quality and support services that will benefit . We believe that the customer is the lifeblood of business survival , so try any program or action we consider customers satisfaction and fulfillment

  • Best type of laboratory machinery and supplies
  • Italy’s Technology Day
  • Best quality raw materials
  • The highest quality prints
  • Equipped with Research and Development Unit Laboratory
  • Equipped with precision measuring devices

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Compound is one of the most important elements that contribute to the quality of flexo. Since composites account for 3% to 6% of the total cost of a print job, composite manufacturers are now struggling to balance the efficiency and cost of using compound ink.
The emergence and development of Flexo compositions occurred in the 1930s. At that time, base formulations were developed for printing on cartons and bags. These composites were made on the basis of neutral resins and did not care about the quality of color and luminosity. Only when acrylic resins were invented, the quality of these compounds increased. In the 80’s, Flexo Water Base Ingredients with their solvent base counterparts matched in terms of color quality and luminance. Water based compounds that are environmentally friendly also now compete effectively with solvent base compositions and in some cases overcome them.
“The efficacy of a composite delivers the success or failure of the entire printing process, the success of the printing and complementary processes for producing labels and packaging, to the composite ability to adapt to the properties and characteristics of the various printing levels,” said one expert from the company. Different. “


Ingredients in the printing ink
3 The main components of ink printing ink (industrial pigment), machinery and additive (manufacturer) and classified raw materials are as follows.

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