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Pasargad Iranians Co. is a specialized manufacturer of printing ink in Iran.

Pasargad Iranians Co. with the motto of serving the printing industry to manufacture various specialty printing ink and printing ink eventually boost the quality of art prints Iran, our beloved has been established.New tools have recently been launched across the country to provide colleagues in the printing industry.It is notable for its high quality products, the company issued a rating to neighboring countries , including the Persian Gulf and East Bloc would win . Pasargad Iranians company’s quality control unit utilizes the latest equipment and technology in Italy and standard test methods for quality control of its products in the industry of printing and ink to prove the rotated .

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solvent base inks

These combinations are solvent based and designed for Flexo. Printable levels: Conventional PP and AD-Star polypropylene

water base inks

This batch of water-based compounds is used for textile, leather and dye industries. Printable levels: Used on fabric and leather and painted.

offset inks

This category is designed for oily and opaque rotaties. Printable levels: Newspaper paper absorbing paper

silk screen inks

These types of ink are designed for silk printing. Printable levels: Polyethylene


Flexo Solvent and RotoGravure / Silk Screen Printing Compounds

special products

Stay tuned to order any custom product.

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Quality and innovation

The production process of offset printing compound| How Printing Ink Is Made.

In this video, you’ll learn how the inkjet will be made from the mixing of pigments (fine pigment particles) and polishing materials (varnishes). This compound is later used by offset printers.

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