Intelligent printing and packaging

Intelligent printing and packaging

In other words, the active packaging is responsible for content prediction. This type of packaging, thanks to the materials used in it, can absorb or release particles that increase the quality (microbiological) of the content. This type of package makes sense inside the package, for example, the temperature or the state of evolution, and uses this information to extend shelf life. Package cleverly provides information about indoor environment changes, changes that may occur due to manipulation, gas or microorganisms, and this package also communicates with consumer in the context of marketing messages or branding. Slowly

What is the value of smart packaging?

In October 2016, the Grand View Research Center conducted a global market analysis (America and Europe) on smart packaging for any product (active or intelligent) and every functional part (food and beverage, health care, personal care, Vehicles), the study included prediction of the situation by 2024. According to the research, the global smart packet market in 2015 was worth $ 10.8 billion. The market is expected to grow to 26.7% by 2024. Food and drink industries, pharmaceuticals and personal care will advance this section. Active packaging is undoubtedly the industry leader in the market and has 70% of the market thanks to the benefits and benefits it offers to extend the shelf life of the products. Intelligent packaging, which holds 25% of the market in 2015, is the fastest growth pace. This type of packaging comes in between 2016 and 2024 with an annual growth rate of 14%.

Why can not we ignore this?

Intelligent packaging has significant implications for both corporate and consumer spending. First of all, it should be checked for safety reasons. Product integrity is an indispensable requirement in the food and pharmaceutical industry at a high cost. A big mistake could have serious consequences for consumers and affect brand credibility. For this reason, Smart Package is an effective guarantee. In addition, brand credibility is another related aspect. Using technologies that challenge fake versions not only guarantee the quality of the product, but also act as a service for the buyer.

Opportunities for printers and converters

Regarding the use of new digital processes, inkjet printing systems and ink combinations with media, it’s possible to say that the traditional analog printing process has brought about new opportunities. Current hybrid solutions can optimize industrial processes based on customer needs and the variety of different types of manufacturing components. Print electronics have become a step forward in which manufacturers and labels are pushing ahead with printers and converters. In this way, the printing community has more opportunities in order to be able to centralize in any kind of product process. This process can be any kind of process that includes a container and a content to control.


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