Industrial printing, you are here!

Industrial printing, you are here!

Digital technology is possible to achieve production efficiency as well as low-print printing. At present, custom production includes about 13% of the total printing value.

Compared to the early 2000s, global growth may grow at a lower pace and less economic activity.

The demand for customization and customer desires in products that reflect their personality and values ​​is made possible by technological advancements.

Incekt Technology is rapidly penetrating the industrial production market, as it offers solutions that allow industrial manufacturers to create high-quality products while at the same time exploiting the digital printing business’s benefits in printing technologies. Normally, they will not benefit.

In addition to operational efficiency, digital technology makes it possible to produce low-cost products that are cost-effective. At present, printing to the production process requires less preparation and inventory of goods has decreased significantly. Brand owners and designers can easily search for new products, materials, and technologies, while they need less costly investment, as opposed to mass production suggestions. These products, which are fed by the Internet, are generating demand for consumption, which was not previously available to consumers and business entrepreneurs. In addition to providing operational advantages, these market-based opportunities can bring significant growth for all companies of any size.

One of the areas that most closely interacts with digital technology is decorative and functional printing. Decorative printing is a great market with a set of different uses that have fully implemented the process of transferring to digital technology. The digital print volume of all sectors and applications is high (almost 9 billion square meters) and is growing rapidly. In the future, the focus will likely be on ceramics, textiles, laminate and wood, and glass.

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