Digital industrial printing, growing

Digital industrial printing, growing

In the past ten years, with the growth in demand and technology initiatives, the printing industry has become a major economic stimulus. Meanwhile, the attitudes of the market are viewed as a set of separate units, not a single, single item. The industrial domain consists of quite different departments, which in many cases use a technology. Going to a position beyond a printed page means monitoring a diverse range of market segments such as commercial printing (advertising, paper, transaction and billboarding), packaging (labels, elastic packaging, folding cartons, corrugated cartons) and printing Decorative (direct printing on clothing, fabric, ceramics, laminate, glass, wood). Packaging and decorative printing have been integrated into industrial printing, because they are suitable for products that are more than one printed surface. The industrial sector is valued at $ 1.5 trillion (see Table 1, the global value of sales volume generated from the production and service printing, in US dollars) and includes key sectors.

Industry Attitudes

Attitudes that involve various industrial sectors that affect the print section include:

Increased demand and direct influence of consumer purchasing habits (packaging and decorative printing)

Increasing production efficiency and the ability to produce even small bundles that are linked by technology.

Increasing digital printing (slightly more than a generation ago) has introduced a set of innovative technologies, which has led to the launch of an integrated production process and the customization of orders. The acceptance of the inkjet print (both duplex and interconnected) has been slow and complex. This is due to high costs, issues related to system reliability and low availability of available materials. Over the years, these factors have created a constraint on the development of consumables developed by existing printing solutions.


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