3D Heart Print

3D Heart Print

According to the Science Report, now 26 million people worldwide are having heart problems, and the global donor shortage has made artificial hearts a worthwhile solution to this permanent problem.

Manufacturers of this artificial heart at the ETH University of Zurich say this artificial heart is completely normal in nature for half an hour, after which its constituent material breaks down. Researchers are trying to create an artificial heart of the same size as the patient’s heart, so that he can have the greatest apparent and functional inclination to the real heart.

Silicone hearts, such as the human heart, have left and right atria, plus an additional atrium that acts more like a super engine for a blood pump. This additional atrium is opened and closed with the help of intensive air and circulates blood through the atria, which, in the conditions of the study, was used instead of blood from a liquid with a blood glucose level.

The heart with a weight of 390 grams and a volume of 679 cubic centimeters is heavier than the real heart, but has similar dimensions, and researchers hope to gradually replace the mechanical pumps that are now replacing the heart and exposing the patient to serious dangers.

The new artificial heart currently has a short-term sustainability of only 3,000 pounds, hence researchers need to increase their durability to a significant degree, but progress has been extraordinary to them for this very moment.


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